One-on-One Training: personalized workouts and individualized attention in one-on-one sessions that can be held in home, office or gym settings. 

Group Training: ease the intimidation factor and discover strength in numbers by joining anywhere from 2-15 individuals in combined sessions featuring workouts tailored for the group with the benefit of motivation from working out with a partner(s)! 

Online Bootcamps: for those who are too busy for one-on-one training or prefer to workout solo and just want some variety in their workouts. Bootcamps start the first of every month. Each week an email goes out that contains the workout and a short video demonstration of the exercises. Each workout will take between 20-40 minutes to complete and while many of the exercises will be body weight  you will also need:: dumbbells, a jump rope, and a raised platform. Each bootcamp will involve a Facebook group for accountability and encouragement. 

Suspension Training (TRX):a form of resistance training (typically performed on a TRX or like system) that includes body weight exercises in which a variety of multi-planar, compound exercise movements can be performed. These are done with the aim of developing strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability simultaneously. Certified through the National Personal Training Institute to teach individuals and small groups.

Kettlebell Training: "Functional training" is a term widely used in the fitness industry, and the kettlebell is the original functional trainer. Having been around for hundreds of years, the kettlebell focuses on muscle integration rather than the isolation of particular muscle groups. A total body trainer that requires multiple muscle groups to work together, one can't go wrong with incorporating the kettlebell into their fitness regime. Certified through the National Personal Training Institute to teach individuals and small groups.

Nutritional Counseling:  I want to emphasize that I am not a Registered Dietician (RD). I have my Masters of Public Health and Nutrition degree and while I am proficient in the study of nutrition, my knowledge is not as in depth as that of a RD. Being physically active is not all that is involved in living a healthy life; integration of a healthy diet is of the utmost importance to me for you to live life to the fullest. I can assess your dietary intake and make recommendations while also providing information, education materials and support.

JuicePlus+ : a convenient and inexpensive way to add nutrition from fruits and vegetables to your diet every day. JuicePlus+ contains concentrated nutrition from 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains. With over 25 published clinical studies confirming the benefits of JuicePlus+, including a healthier immune system, improved cardiovascular health, reduced oxidative stress, reduced DNA damage and healthier skin and gums. In addition to a Personal Trainer, I am a JuicePlus+ distributor.

10 Day Shred:  10 day detox to get you back on track! After this 10 days you will feel better and have more energy - no cheating! During the 10 days you will not consume flour, dairy or sugar. You will drink a Complete smoothie every day as well as consume a veggie with every meal. No alcohol or caffeine, but will focus on drinking half your body weight in water ounces per day. We will aim to sleep 7-8 hours per night. Exercise 4x a week, followed by an active recovery (walking) day, repeat. And finally there will be a focus on spending more time with God. Every day will start or end with 15 minutes of concentrated prayer time and time reading the Bible.