::Group Training Client:: "I started working out with Katie via a friend requesting I join her for personal workouts at her home over a year and 1/2ago. My friend had hoped my joining would hold her accountable and motivated beyond hiring a personal trainer to come into our home. It was the best "yes" I ever said, when it came to my health. I had broke my ankle approximately two years prior to and packed on quite a few pounds, inches and fat mass. The first year proved phenomenal - over 9 inches lost in the first 12 weeks of training. To Katie's point her motivation and outline of consistency is proven more than 100% with my results. I thank Katie & of course my friend from the bottom top of my heart. Katie's passion for what she does and the people she's trying to help get healthier is spectacular." - C. Blackwell

::KMB Fit Body Bootcamp Client::  "I think it's safe to say that I'm completely obsessed with KMB Fit Body Bootcamp. I've had various fitness regimens in the past 8 years- from running, yoga, spinning, kickboxing, and a combination of them all. I used to have all the time in the world to work out, but in the past 3 years, my schedule changed, and I wasn't able to keep myself at my ideal weight. I felt defeated and I blamed my weight gain on my age and therefore declining metabolism, but I later realized I was lacking the intensity and accountability to reach my goal. With KMB Fit Body Bootcamp, I am held accountable and inspired by the other members in the bootcamp. We post about our workouts and meal plans online to motivate for success and optimal health. Katie provides high intensity workouts that are fun, affordable, and can be completed anywhere and at whatever time that fits your schedule. No more stressing about making a fitness class at the gym, allotting too much time, or spending too much money on a fitness plan that doesn't work. With KMB Fit Body Bootcamp, there are no excuses! It's too convenient and fun to not complete. I am sore after every workout, I have more energy, and my clothes fit better. It's working. This is the best workout regimen I've ever had. It's less time with better results. I'm getting stronger, toning my body, and improving my health. Thank you KMB Fit Body Bootcamp! I can't imagine my life without you!" - A. Smith

::KMB Fit Body Bootcamp Client::  "It is safe to say that KMB Fit Body Bootcamp has changed my health both physically and mentally. Before KMB Fit Body Bootcamp, I was that person who pieced together exercise ideas I saw on Pinterest with what I saw others doing at the gym. I could never understand why that wasn't successful. To prepare for my wedding, I paid a fortune for a trainer at the gym to work with me once a week. I got a taste of what a workout should be, but once a week wasn't giving me the results that I thought I was paying for. Once my wedding was over, I couldn't justify the expense and no longer had the same motivation I once had. Then, KMB Fitness introduced Fit Body Bootcamp! Although the price was enough to sell me right off the bat, I also fell in love with the concept that I can use this with my schedule (which meant no more excuses)! I had no idea how much I would fall in love with exercise, but when you see the changes and your body starts doing things it couldn't do the month before, it's hard not to love it! I am in the 3rd month of KMB Fit Body Bootcamp, and I'm addicted! The motivation provided by the exercise plan is matched by motivation from other members on the Facebook page. I've become close to people I've never actually met, providing support, encouragement, and sharing about performance on the workouts. It's a network of people who are on my team, in the same situation I'm in, rooting for me! You don't get that at a gym or in a group fitness class. The price, flexibility and motivation of KMB Fit Body Bootcamp are unparalleled. I hope this program continues for the rest of my life so I can continue with such a happy, healthy lifestyle." - C. Laramore